About us

Into deep waters

Our history

Praenaris began as a group of students in late 2020 got together to create their first videogame, originally entitled Project Circenses. This project would grow into The Silent Swan, the company’s first large videogame, released to critical acclaim in November 2023.

On the way there, Arima Lodge was born, a free-to-play game for PC and mobile platforms, released on September 2022.

Right around the same time in late 2022, Project Umbra began development. The project, whose official title is Embers of the Evening, is a first-person psychological horror videogame due to release later in 2024.

Currently there are two additional projects in development: Project Cythera, where we are studying new technologies mixed with unique ways of storytelling and player interaction in videogames, and Project Arctica, a gamified personal organization app for mobile devices.

Our ship, the Praenaris

The name of our company and ship, the Praenaris, comes from the words “praenatare”, to sail or swim in Latin, and “Polaris”, the northern star. We imagine our everyday work and effort to be similar that of an icebreaker sailing across the arctic oceans in search of the northern star. The star, in turn, represents our desire and willingness to be a part of the modern technological era creating lasting works in both videogames and software.

Thus, the Praenaris, both in name and concept, embodies our commitment to face the odds, sail across the storms, and open up a path there where there is seemingly none.

The Crew

Part of the ship, part of the crew.